There is a very dangerous cancer inside the lungs. By the way, you are very dangerous, but the fact that man himself is also very dangerous is a very dangerous cancer.

Today we will tell you about this cancer, what is this cancer, what are its symptoms, its causes and everything will be told to you.
Symptoms of lungs cancer _ and causes
Symptoms of lungs cancer _ and causes 

What is lung cancer

As everyone knows how dangerous lung cancer is. This cancer infects our lungs and then this cancer slowly grows very much. 

That is, lung cancer is a very serious lung disease that can kill a person. It is important to avoid this disease, otherwise anyone who gets this disease is at higher risk. 

This disease can kill anyone who gets it.

Symptoms of lung cancer

By the way, lung cancer is so dangerous that when it occurs in any human it does not leave any of its symptoms which makes it very late in recognizing lung cancer.

This lung cancer progresses slowly in the human body and does not give the symptoms of lung cancer but when the disease gets a little more, some of the symptoms that come out are:

Chest pain 

Bone pain 

Sudden weight loss 

Frequent headache

The cough does not go away

Symptoms of lungs cancer
Symptoms of lungs cancer

Causes of lung cancer

As most people are aware, all types of cancer are more likely to be found in people who are addicted to any type of drug, such as alcohol, smoking or tobacco. 

Because of all these things, the person becomes more and more prone to this disease. It is even more risky for people who are addicted to any kind of drug.

If you are addicted to any kind of drugs, avoid it. It can be very harmful to your health. It can also be very harmful to your health. Avoid all these things and eat a healthy diet. 

Healthy eating also keeps your health good so avoid all these things and build your health.

Avoid lung cancer

If your family member sees any of these symptoms in anyone in your neighborhood, suggest seeing a doctor right away because the disease is so serious that it can kill anyone.

And people who are addicted to drugs get a lot of diseases, so you should avoid all these things. You should not do any kind of drugs. Drugs can cause these cancers.

Mouth cancer

Lymphoma cancer 

Lungs cancer

Blood cancer

Throat cancer

Melanoma (skin) cancer....etc

Symptoms of lungs cancer
Symptoms of lungs cancer

The only thing I have told you about cancer is that you can suffer from many other diseases. To keep yourself healthy, avoid all kinds of drugs, but always follow a healthy diet.

Head keeps your health very good and also protects you from many bad diseases. Exercise along with healthy diet is also very important. It will also protect you from lung cancer.

The harms of lung cancer

As you may have known about the dangers of lung cancer as well as all other cancers, but what harm does lung cancer do to the human body in the beginning? 

As this cancer is lung cancer, it first infects the lungs and then gradually weakens the human body. 

And then gradually more diseases due to lung cancer take over the human body and man becomes even weaker 

And when the cancer gets a little bit bigger and then starts showing its symptoms, you can imagine how dangerous this cancer is that it doesn't show its symptoms even after it has happened. 

IIf anyone has any symptoms, they should go to a good hospital immediately for treatment as it is already a little late and if you delay any further, it can kill you.