Air pollution

Nowadays pollution is so widespread all over the world that it makes a healthy person sick, so we should wear Marks to avoid pollution and nowadays we have got Corona virus anyway, so it is very important to wear Max You must wear braces to protect your loved ones and minimize pollution because allergies are the reason why most people get sick. Half makes a person sick from within. The most dangerous thing for the body is a very small gland, but you don't know what damage this pollution can do to the human body. You should know that most of the pollution is caused by pollution. Most of the smoke comes from cars, so you need us to fix the cars every month and most of the garbage is thrown in the dustbin and people throw it anywhere while walking. Throw it around and reduce the pollution as much as you can. I didn't say anything about that, but the police are so dangerous that you can't do it tomorrow. I must tell you all to be ready. To stop the pollution, you have to stop the pollution not for yourself but for your loved ones so that they are healthy and strong and to keep our loved ones healthy we also have to be healthy. So we need to avoid any work that causes pollution from vehicles that our science has developed so much that the pollution is so high that the fumes from large buildings that prevent our health from becoming Because health does not increase in a year instead of a month. If you and I want to stay healthy, we do not need to ignore pollution, but we need to eliminate it, so be prepared to eliminate pollution. Pollution will end, we will stay healthy, we will stay healthy, our loved ones will stay healthy, our loved ones are healthy and happy, the whole world is happy, happy.

Health is a thousand blessings. Take care of this blessing